“Dance is the language of the soul.”


” The photo shoot day was an unforgettable experience watching the sunrise over the city whilst Renate worked her magic with the camera .  You have provided us with photographs that will be shared and treasured for a lifetime.” ~ Sandra Hall

If you are as passionate about dancing and beautiful dance images as I am, having a photo session is definitely for you.  Documenting your dance journey with a contemporary and urban dance photo shoot is fun, exciting and a very real way of keeping time.

People in Sydney and all over the world find the artistry, beauty and flair of dancers beautiful and appealing.

Dancers love the chance to shine on their own and as a dancer a beautiful collection of dance images is an unique keepsake of your dance journey for years to come.



Stunning Sydney as a ballerina’s backdrop



Photography project to celebrate the human body.




Beautiful dancers get photographed with me every year. I hope you are one of them. 

I am looking forward hearing from you. Please contact me via our contact page, email direct info@puredynamics.com.au or call 0415 508 575.

Have a look at the dance photo portfolio to see more amazing dance photos.

Dance Portfolio


* Gift vouchers are available for any individual shoot *